Saturday, 5 January 2008

January update

The goals for this year are basically to play more hands ... only played 100k last year, which if i want to make good money ... is not really enough IMO ..

This year i want to play roughly 1k hands a day ( or say a minimun of 30k hands a month ) ...

Ive stopped playing FR but ive started playing the $100 8 player turbos ... which im finding a lot of fun ..

Im 6 tabling and i find the less time i have to think ... the less complicated poker gets ... it also means im quite switched on and feel this is helping my game.

My goals are not huge so far ... it takes me under 3 hours to complete 1k hands and i tend to do this in 2 90 minute sessions ... and my early goals are to make $100 a day .

Due to internet problems .. ive only played 361 hands today .... and so far ive played 4470 hands this month, so im just under my target for the month so far ... but im showing a profit of $632.76 , so im ahead of my target in this aspect .. ( which is allways good ) :)

Lets hope it stays like this !

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