Friday, 11 January 2008

Another update

Well one thing is for sure .... the standard of play at $200nl is way better than the standard of $100nl .

And so far .. its been a mixed bag for me this month ...2 winning sessions in the last 11 , although one was a 5 buy in winning session ..

Its ok though ... still losing my rag due to frustration , but im getting done by more suckouts due to the nature of some of these players .

I got all in with KK v QQ and the river was the Q again today ... but also lost with AK when i played it fast preflop and post flop but was done by a OESD coming in on the river with 89 , still not sure why he called the flop and the fact he called the turn leaving him with only $10 left ...

And then to cap it off , i had AJ on a J high flop and put someone all in on the turn only for them to call with a flush draw , but a K on the river means he won with K3 :)

Its all ok though ... still under for my quota this month ... played 9240 hands and only showing a profit of $734.66 , which is also under my target for the month .

Ive stopped trying to bluff these people ...or most of them that just wont fold ... as ive spilled a few $$ this way so far ..

Feel im getting my act together ..just need to control my frustration levels sometimes .. but overall ... im imporving slightly ... mainly because i know i can beat these players over time and can expect a few bad beats ..

I actually feel like playing at the moment ... and really have asperations of improving a few aspects of my poker over the next few months ..

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